• ZP100-10B tablet press of our company has become the industry's favorite

    In recent years, China's environmental pollution problem has become more and more serious, and the GMP standard has been continuously improved. The industry of tablet press is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading due to the pollution problem. As a result, ZP100-10B tablet press of our company has become the industry's favorite.

    2018-06-15 tablet press 5562

  • How to maintain the rotary tablet press?

    The market of rotary tablet press is larger and larger, because compared with other tablet presses, the rotary tablet press has a better production capacity, a lower cost and a higher efficiency.

    2018-06-15 tablet press 2230

  • The 55th national pharmaceutical machinery exposition (in spring, 2018)

    The equipment in the exhibition covers eight categories machines, nearly ten thousand in number, including preparation machinery, API machinery and pharmaceutical packaging machinery. And senior experts at home and abroad were invited to give special lectures.

    2018-04-26 China tablet press 5561

  • China Tablet Press Co., Ltd has developed a large anti-corrosion tablet press ZP100-10B

    ZP100-10B tablet press is a large rotary anti-corrosion tablet press developed by our company recently. ZP100-10B anti-corrosion tablet press is especially suitable for pressing TCCA disinfection tablets. ZP100-10B large rotary anti-corrosion tablet press is one of my company's patented products.

    2018-03-21 China tablet press 8896

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