• Our company developed a new model of high-yield ZPS73B tablet press

    ZPS73B tablet press is a high-yield tablet press, ZPS73B has three finished products export, the production capacity reaches to 320,000 pieces per hour, it is applicable to press tablets with diameter of 5-13mm, thickness of 2-6mm. ZPS73B tablet press is widely used in food production, electronics and chemistry industries. High-yield ZPS73B tablet press conform to GMP requirements. it can press any granular material into round or nun-round tablets, the tablets can be make double color or three colors. According to the requirements of customers, ZPS73B tablet press can also add the LOGO and text to the tablets.

    2018-07-11 tabletpress

  • Basic components of rotary tablet press

    The main components of the rotary tablet press include machine base, worm gear box, turntable, guide rail, pinch wheel, feeder, adjuster, electrical motor and outer parts.

    2018-06-21 tablet press

  • The rotary tablet press needs regular maintenance

    There is a kind of tablet press, called rotary tablet press, which has better performance and stronger function than ordinary tablet presses. Rotary tablet press is a popular type of tablet press in recent years.

    2018-06-19 tablet press

  • Mandatory feeding system requires the stabilization of materials' feeding

    The mandatory feeding system uses the deceleration motor to drive the reverse rotation of the impeller of the mandatory feeder, and then the materials are filled into the middle mould hole of the turntable.

    2018-06-19 tablet press

  • The cause of dust in the rotary tablet press

    Tablet press is the core equipment of the tablet production in pharmaceutical industry, which affects a majority of quality index and economic index. At present, the common tablet presses are rotary tablet press and high-speed tablet press.

    2018-06-19 tablet press

  • The 13th World Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition in China

    As the leader of Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturing, P - MEC China is not only a platform for product display of pharmaceutical machinery, but also a grand international party for exchange & cooperation and common development among pharmaceutical workers.

    2018-06-15 tablet press