The 3-inch TCCA Large-scale Anti-corrosion Tablet Press is Delivered to Spanish Users

2023-06-12 13:47:53 TCCA Tablet press 6245486

ZP100-10C large rotary anti-corrosion tablet press. Chemical powder tablet press is mainly used for chemical powder, bath salt, water purification salt and other corrosive powder pressing and shaping. Rotary automatic anti-corrosion tablet press is used for pressing salt, industrial salt and other corrosive materials.( It can press 200g,150g,TCCA tablets)

TCCA/SDIC Tablet Press

The first large-scale anti-corrosion tablet press machine ordered by a Spanish water treatment company from our company has completed the test and was delivered.

The ZPS100-10C large tablet press has high pressure, simple operation and easy maintenance. 

It will produce 3-inch, 200gr/250gr TCCA water treatment tablets for Spanish users. 

Two more tablet presses will be delivered in 2021.

Users who need to order, please place an order in advance and contact our professional staff 

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